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EigenTrust is a growing startup solving the problem of trust and reputation in the web3 space. Contrary to centralized solutions which make use of traditional identity techniques from passports to fingerprints, EigenTrust is innovating by using an eigenvector-based technique to extract trust from the web-of-trust network of its users. Leveraging classical algorithms, such as the original EigenTrust paper, and related works, such as PageRank, they create trust metrics that are sybil resilient but are open and do not rely on any central authority to maintain. As the technical and scientific advisors of EigenTrust, and leveraging our team's expertise and previous publications in the field (such as Trust is Risk and A Puff of Steam), we are working with EigenTrust to tweak their protocols and prove that they are sybil-resilient in the cryptographic and rational model.

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