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Ēnosys (previously FLR Finance) is an ecosystem of smart contract protocols, deployed on the Flare Network. We help ensure that Ēnosys can uphold its promise to keep its community safe by delivering concrete recommendations for improvements of its protocols, codebase, and operational security, by ensuring high code quality, and by enhancing its testing pipeline. Our smart contract audits and technical reports are published openly for dissemination within the community. Additionally, we develop novel protocols that expand the Ēnosys ecosystem even further.

Ēnosys Bridge implementation

Common Prefix collaborated with Ēnosys to develop an EVM-to-EVM committee-based bridge. At the time of writing, the Ēnosys Bridge enables token transfers between Ethereum, Flare Networks, and XDC, with $3.3 million in TVL.

Whitepaper 2023-03-27
Implementation GitHub repo 2022-09-26 - 2023-06-05
Product page 2023-06-08
Solidity NatSpec API documentation 2022-09-26 - 2023-06-05

Ermis protocol implementation

Phygital tokens, or simply phygitals, bridge the gap between the digital and physical domains by tying phygital NFTs with physical items. Common Prefix collaborated with Ēnosys to develop Ermis, a protocol that enables the redemption of a phygital in exchange for its associated physical item with minimal trust, by tapping into the assurances of the EVM blockchain it is deployed on. It allows vendors and buyers to connect directly via a simple smart contract.

Whitepaper 2023-05-03
Product page 2023-11-08
Solidity NatSpec API documentation 2022-07-19 - 2023-01-26

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