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Axelar is the leading interoperability solution for moving assets from one blockchain to another. A pioneer in the bridging of assets, they are the first in the field to implement a broadly deployed bridge that does not rely on a fixed committee or federation, unlike typical multisig bridges. Instead, they rely only on their underlying proof-of-stake security assumptions, by leveraging their population of Cosmos validators. We have worked together with Axelar as their technical advisor since the project's inception and have helped them audit their smart contracts that allow bridging into and out of EVM-compatible chains over multiple iterations.

Axelar integration with XRPL

Common Prefix has partnered with Axelar to integrate Ripple's XRPL network with Axelar's Amplifier bridging infrastructure.

Axelar Amplifier XRPL integration pull request 2023-11-20 - Present
Axelar Amplifier XRPL relayer implementation GitHub repo 2024-02-20 - Present

Ethereum Light Client on Axelar implementation

Common Prefix collaborated with Axelar to develop a light client that employs Ethereum's Sync Committee protocol to bridge events from Ethereum to Axelar.

Grant proposal report 2023-05-01
Architecture documentation 2024-01-29
Implementation GitHub repo 2023-08-28 - 2024-02-19

Axelar Gateway audit

The Axelar Gateway Solidity smart contract is deployed to every Axelar-supported EVM chain, enabling communication between the Axelar network and the connected chain. Common Prefix was commissioned to audit two versions of the Gateway smart contract (v1 and v2.1).

Axelar Gateway v1 smart contract audit 2021-11-22
Axelar Gateway v2.1 smart contract audit 2022-03-01

Team on this Client

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